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Flash Stamp Machine or Pre Ink Stamp Machine

Raw Materials of Pre Ink Stamps

Flash Foam

Flash Ink

Flash Mounts or Pre Ink Stamp Handles


Polymer Stamp Machine or Nylon Stamp Machine

Raw Materials of Nylon Stamps

Daylight Film

Liquid Photopolymer Resin (Red or White)

Nylon Sheet

Polymer Stamp Mounts or Stamp Handles

Cover Foil

Base Foil or Substrate Sheet


Suntec Stamper Machine

Raw Materials of Suntec Stamper

Suntec Mounts

Suntec Pigmented Ink For Stamps


Computerised Perma Stamp

Computerised Pre Ink Stamp

Computerised Flash Stamp

Computerised Polymer or Nylon stamps

Computerised Self Ink Stamp

Computerised Sun Stamp

Computerised Pen Stamp

Computerised Pocket Stamp

Computerised Common Seal

Computerised No Ink Pad Stamp

Bank Dater or Date Stamp





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